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“A mind-boggling ride through the cosmos”

Book Life

Imagine living inside a gigantic cylinder where you can see cities, rivers, forests, and lakes arching along the vaulted sky.

At the turn of the 22nd century, humans begin to flock to these space-bound megastructures, running away from a climatic debacle and economic exploitation, to live in a post-scarcity civilization of virtually unlimited resources.

K3+ has a very fast-paced rooted in science narrative, rich in scenes and dialogs with occasional short descriptions. The reader is brought right into the action, as humanity builds a purely egalitarian spacefaring utopia—absent of war, fear, uncertainty, inequality, and despair.

After a failed attempt to colonize Mars, those left on Earth are still struggling and countries begin to collapse due to dwindling population, making the ultimate conflict inevitable.

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