Interstellar Travel | Dyson Megastructures | Telepathy | Virtual Reality | Quantum Computing | Artificial Intelligence | Genetic Engineering | Immortality | Dystopia | Alien Civilizations | Space Conflict | Rotating Habitats | Skyhooks | Cosmic Expansion | Mind Uploading | Climate Change | Neural Interfaces | Nuclear War | Stellar Engines

K3+ is the story of how humanity moved past the unsettling times we live in, to a post-scarcity and purely egalitarian society—absent of fear, uncertainty, inequality, and despair. You might not know it but we already possess many of the key technologies to achieve this.

Instead of colonizing Mars, the moon, or other celestial bodies humans will build rotating habitats in space. Back in the 1970s, physicist Gerard O’Neill laid the foundation. Today we still call these rotating megastructures, capable of housing millions, O'Neill cylinders. They replicate Earth’s gravity and atmospheric conditions, allowing people to live inside them as comfortably as on our home planet.

Ingenuity solved aging and disease, inequality, climate change, wars, and other predicaments we both created and perpetuated. Not only did humans build billions of rotating habitats around the sun, housing quintillions of souls, they ventured beyond Alpha Centauri to conquer the Milky Way and hundreds of neighboring galaxies outside the Local Group.

Life is great in a post-scarcity civilization and people live forever in their twenties-looking bodies. Technology makes true telepathy possible, allowing people to exchange thoughts far more efficiently than words. Genetic enhancements and nanotechnology enable these 200-IQ-point beings to achieve extraordinary mental and physical feats.

In the second chapter, the storyline jumps to the early 21st century where we learn how humans overcame their deeply ingrained planetary bias, which prevented them from seeing the incredible bounty a star like the sun is. After a failed attempt to colonize Mars, inequality and climate change coalesced into a dystopia, triggering a massive human migration to the first O’Neill cylinders. Centuries later, those left on Earth are still struggling and countries begin to collapse due to dwindling population, making the ultimate conflict inevitable.